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About Us

The story of our success 

Founder and director of AccuGun (Pty) LTD, Andre Mojet, started his research and development 10 years ago with one goal in mind; to manufacture precision rifles and match international grade barrels. 
After intensive research, Mojet believed that cut rifled barrels have a substantial advantage over other manufactured barrel types like button barrels. AccuGun broke barriers during the past 8 years, giving accuracy a different meaning. AccuGun started with the 6mm calibre rifle, and it performed way above our expectations. Due to the huge success achieved with the 6mm, we started the developing and manufacturing of other popular calibres too. AccuGun is the only rifle manufacturer in South Africa that guarantees the end products accuracy, with half inch groupings at 100m. 

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The MOJET Brand 

MOJET also launched an action based on the Remington 700 footprint. This new action is compatible with Remington triggers and components, is CNC precision machined, and holds tolerance which could only be found in the best bench rest actions available on the market. The MOJET brand is one of the fastest growing brands known for meticulous craftsmanship and accuracy. With the rapid expansion of the market and the increased demand for custom engineered and manufactures rifles AccuGun in 2015 acquired the Mojet brand. Partnered with Andre Mojet with his wealth of knowledge about the design, engineering and manufacturing of rifles, AccuGun will take rifle manufacture into the next generation. 

This is one of the things
we do best 

We have state of the art CNC machines, some imported to ensure we keep our technology updated. Andre is personally involved in each aspect of production to ensure that quality is maintained resulting in unprecedented accurate rifles. AccuGun is Proudly South African! All parts are locally sourced and manufactured. We have clients from all over the country, some in Namibia and we even export our products to clients in England and Australia